Shipping and return policies for Tetra Systems

Shipping Info
Our CDs & DVDs are manufactured and distributed by Kunaki LLC, and for that reason do not ship in the same package as our tapes. If you have any questions or want more info on Kunaki's service, please visit:

Our cassettes are manufactured by Duplication CA and are mailed by hand by our staff. We cannot ship all of our tapes at the same time, only the ones that have been made. If you try to place an order containing tapes that are and aren't currently available, we will not ship your order until they are all ready. Otherwise, you can order them separately.
Return Policy
If an item is damaged to the point where it does not work, it can be replaced. Simply send us a message.

If you want to return the item, feel free, but we don't offer refunds unless the item is damaged to the point it doesn't work. And we would much rather replace the item instead, so keep that in mind. Refunds do not cover shipping.